Our history

Victory Christian College is a ministry expression of Victory Church, the Apostolic Church in Bendigo. The school and land are owned by, and operated under the direction of, the Apostolic Church Trust through the Victory Church eldership.

The College was opened in 1995 to provide an opportunity for people of all denominations to place their children in a Christian school, under the covering of Victory Church.

Through its Board structure and the employment of Christian teachers from a variety of denominations, the school has ensured that all aspects of school life are available to, and inclusive of, the Christian community.

The Apostolic denomination is a Pentecostal church birthed in the early 20th Century in Wales, through the influence of the Welsh Revival of that time.

Victory Church is part of that Pentecostal expression in Bendigo and, consequently, the worship and ministry experienced during school life, for example, chapel services, camps, etc. may, at times reflect that expression.

The balanced approach to all forms of contemporary ministry, the emphasis on spiritual integrity and the high standards expected of all staff members, visiting chapel speakers and other school personnel allow all Victory Christian College families to feel confident in the Christian environment provided.

Victory Christian College respects the many varied expressions of the Body of Christ in this city and trusts that all parents who place their children in the College also respect the uniqueness of Victory Church and its role in reaching Bendigo for Christ.

The College’s aim is to serve the Christian Community in Bendigo and surrounding districts with a message that Jesus forgives, saves, heals and restores.

It is our belief that our young people need to know loving support and discipline as they grow academically and in the knowledge of the Lord.

Students must know that they are loved and accepted whilst they are challenged and disciplined to grow as young Christians.