College Curriculum

The Curriculum at Victory is designed to be flexible to meet the diverse range of learning needs of our students. Support and extension programs are offered across the core subjects at all year levels, with one on one support available for students in Primary and Junior Secondary.

Maths is streamed from Grade Three onwards, which provides opportunities for students to be accelerated up to three years ahead, and undertake VCE maths subjects early.

Other VCE subjects are offered to Year Ten and include Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education, Business Management, Drama and Studio Arts.

A wide range of VCE and VET subjects are offered at Year 11 and 12, and the subjects which run, are dependent on student choice. Small class sizes ensure students receive the support they need to successfully complete their VCE.

The College provides a comprehensive technology and electives based program in Secondary, with increasing diversity at senior levels.

Primary Students undertake Music, Art, Chinese and P.E. as specialist subjects, and students from Year Five to Year Eight participate in the College Enrichment Program, allowing exploration and participation in a broad range of extra-curricula activities. 

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