Students are involved in learning the Chinese language from Prep onwards, with the subject compulsory up to Year Eight. 

The study of Chinese involves learning how to communicate in the Chinese language and becoming familiar with Chinese culture and traditions. Students learn basic Chinese sentence structure and correct character writing, which enhance their communication skills and intercultural understanding, and also improve literacy and numeracy skills. The curriculum includes studying Chinese festivals and other cultural activities and traditions, the development of Christianity in China, and Chinese food, sport and leisure activities. Students in Senior School have the opportunity to study Certificate Two and Three in Mandarin. 


French Lessons give students the skills they need to speak and understand simple French in everyday contexts and is offered as an elective from Year Seven upwards. The course immerses students in the vocabulary and grammar of French and takes students through a wide range of practical situations such as socialising, shopping and getting around. The course also explore aspects of French society and culture.