Student Support


Victory Christian College prides itself on being a safe and nurturing environment where each child is valued and encouraged to excel and enjoy their education. The curriculum at Victory Christian College is designed to be flexible to meet the diverse range of learning needs of our students. In addition to Home Room Teachers, Year Level Coordinators and School Leadership, Victory Christian College also has a number of Support Staff working throughout the school in order to ensure that all students are supported to reach their full potential.

Steve Emonson - Chaplain

Liz Hogan - Careers & Secondary Support

Sarah-Jane KalĂ© - Library & P-2 Support

Mary Hanna - 3-6 Support

In addition to interactions with students and involvement within classrooms, support is also provided through formal processes. Some of these formal processes are:

Student Support Group Meetings (SSGs)

Student Support Group Meetings can be requested by either college staff or parents.  These meetings are an opportunity to meet together and consider students from a holistic perspective in order to develop strategies, engage in discussions or resolve concerns.

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) 

Individual Learning Plans are developed for students who may require modifications, allowances, specific strategies and/or support in order to be actively engaged in learning.