The Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts allows each student to acquire a body of dramatic skills. They develop the use of voice and body; as well as an understanding of dramatic elements and key language. The year long course involves student and teacher lead theatre games, dramatic interpretation and characterisation, choreography skills, development of singing in a live performance, team building, and the major school production. The course is designed to prepare students for further studies in the dramatic arts.

This subject is a preferred prerequisite for VCE Drama, and may assist students who wish to study VCE VET Dance.

Studio Arts

Studio Arts encourages and supports students to recognise their individual potential as art makers, and presents a guided process to assist their understanding and development of art making. The study establishes effective art skills, techniques and practices through the application of an individual design process to assist the student’s production of a folio of artworks. Students explore and research the ways in which artists from different times and cultures have interpreted and expressed ideas, sourced inspiration and used materials and techniques in the production of artworks. This subject is an introduction to pathways in Media, Photography, Film, Fashion, Visual Communication Design, Animation, Illustration, Invention and Studio Arts.

This subject is a preferred prerequisite for VCE Studio Arts, VCE Visual Communication Design, VCE Product Design Technology, and VCE Media.


Music classes are a compulsory part of the curriculum at Victory from Prep onwards, with progressive skill development right through to Secondary, where students can study Advanced Music as an elective and continue at VCE level. Songwriting, recording  and performance are key elements of the Secondary Music Program with students involved in the College Chapel Band, Choir and the nationally recognised Kool Skools Recording Program.  

This subject is a preferred prerequisite for VCE Music Performance, and VCE Music Style and Compositions.  The College also offers individual and small group tuition in voice and a variety of instruments. The annual Music Recital, Kool Skools CD and Major School Production showcase the talent of students during the year.