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Our Story

Victory Christian College was opened in 1995, as a ministry expression of Victory Church Bendigo; which is part of Acts Global Churches (Formally, Apostolic Church Australia). The College is an Incorporated Association and is operated independently. It is governed by a Committee of Management, known as the College Board.

Acts Global Churches is a Pentecostal movement, birthed in the early 20th Century in Wales, through the influence of the Welsh Revival of that time. The worship and ministry experienced during College life; for example in chapel and church services, on camps, etc. reflects this expression.

The College has a balanced approach to fostering Christian values and teaching a Christian world view. The emphasis on integrity, and the high standards expected of all staff members, allow College families to feel confident in the environment provided.

The College aims to serve the families of our local community, surrounding districts and our global partners with excellence, while sharing the message and example of Jesus.

Victory Christian College is affiliated with State, National and International Education Organisations, which provide accreditation and support. (ISV, CSA)

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